Optima freight JSC is your partner in Finland and worldwide

Optima Freight JSC is an innovator in logistics that was founded in 2011, it is a private independent Finnish company with 12 professionals of the highest category working for it at the moment.

Our new office is conveniently located in close proximity to the Helsinki-Vantaa airport.  
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Our new office is conveniently located in close proximity to the Helsinki-Vantaa airport.  
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Our competencies and the scope of services rendered cover all areas of logistics, and our personnel is always ready to find the best cargo transportation solution for you.

  • We have great experience in logistics, namely 103 man-years, therefore we have the deep knowledge about working in regions and can provide services for our clients in a convenient and efficient format.
  • Independent Finnish company. Our clients are Finnish and foreign companies of various sizes. Additionally, as a neutral party, we offer services to many foreign networks. Cooperation, openness and persistence in work are exact definitions of our activities.

Collaboration with the World Wild Fund

Optima Freight is an official friendly organization for the World Wild Fund, because we appreciate the welfare of our environment. By supporting the activities of the World Wild Fund, we support important work for protection of endangered species, in particular, Saimaa Ringed Seal.


Let us introduce the values that are the basis for our corporate activities. We believe in the country of fair traditions, therefore we treat clients, partners and employees complying with strict ethical principles.


Being an authorized economic operator, Optima Freight is obliged, together with the Customs, to develop and ensure safety of the cargo delivery chain at various stages. Our customers benefit from this because they enjoy expedite customs clearance.

Corporate policy

Our corporate culture is based on comprehensive responsibility and deliberate compliance with regulations. In addition to high-quality services, we appreciate work based on reliable ethical principles.

Contract terms

Please read the conditions of contract with Optima Freight to make orders for logistics services easier. You will save time and avoid troubles, if the contracts are based on common rules.