Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)

Reliable and authorized economic operator

Being an authorized economic operator, Optima Freight is obliged, together with the Customs, to develop and ensure safety of the cargo delivery chain at various stages. Our customers benefit from this because they enjoy expedite customs clearance.

On June 22, 2015 the Customs issued an Authorized Economic Operator certificate to Optima Freight JSC.  Certificate number FI AEOF 10751615.

The certificate provides a privilege within the European Union for a benign customs inspection and declaring, including simpler customs formalities, as well as demonstrates the level of ethical responsibility and safety of the operator.

Being an authorized economic operator, Optima Freight JSC complies with the safety criteria imposed by the Customs with respect to safety management, safety of logistics, premises and personnel. The Customs requires the Operator to ensure the following measures:

  • Physical activities to ensure safety, including premises.
  • In-house safety policy of the company.
  • Risk management and prevention.
  • Appendices to the contract of the authorized economic operator with third-party contractors to ensure safety of the parcel during transportation and handling.

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