Collaboration with the World Wild Fund

We are proud to support activities for protection of saimaa ringed seal

Optima Freight is an official friendly organization for the World Wild Fund, because we appreciate the welfare of our environment. By supporting the activities of the World Wild Fund, we support important work for protection of endangered species, in particular, Saimaa Ringed Seal.

What does a friendly organization for the World Wild Fund mean?

A friendly organization for the World Wild Fund is a company that took all obligations in annual support of the Fund in the form of donations. The World Wild Fund works on preserving the variety of the environment and reducing the negative environmental footprint, in particular, by protecting the Baltic Sea and various animals from tigers to ringed seals.  Only if activities of a company do not contradict with the objectives of the World Wild Fund, it is accepted as a friendly organization.

How does help of a friendly organization work?

Long-term work nearby and far away: Friendly organizations support long-term work for environmental protection in the native country and abroad.

Specific results: For example, the population of Saimaa Ringed Seal has increased, ivory processing plants in China have been closed, and the number of tigers in the Bhutan National Park has doubled in six years.

Responsible use of resources: About 80% of funds is used for the needs of environmental protection, and about 20% is used to search for sources of financing, reporting and administration.


Additional information can be found at the web-site of the World Wild Fund: