Contract terms

General contract conditions

Please read the conditions of contract with Optima Freight to make orders for logistics services easier. You will save time and avoid troubles, if the contracts are based on common rules.

  • All orders are executed in accordance with the general provisions of the Scandinavian Forwarder Union (PSYM 2010), which include a provision for mediation and which, in particular, limit the forwarder’s liability and entitle the forwarder to collect all accounts receivable by selling property it manages during the execution of the order (legal lien of the forwarder). The above provisions of PSYM 2010 are complied with, except for liability for observing schedules specified in §6, clause 2, and in §20, clause B, as well as insurance obligations specified in §27.3, clause C. The customer shall provide insurance coverage of the cargo cost on its own. The forwarder deals with insurance only upon a written order of the customer.


  • A proposal is based on the current price and cost level, the exchange rate and the terms of payment. We reserve the right to change the cost and terms of payment. If payments are not transferred according to the approved terms of payment, all the remaining accounts receivable shall be repaid immediately.


The proposed prices are tax free. Taxes, payments and increased expenses related to legislation, regulations or actions of regulatory bodies will be added to the cost when they come into force.  Increases also apply to proposals already made and contracts concluded.


  • Separately, unless otherwise agreed, the following shall be paid: transportation costs, payment orders with costs to collect, state and municipal fees, costs of acceptance of cargo from a vehicle, costs of cargo transfer, IT support costs, costs of forwarder liability insurance, payments for goods, costs of airlines and companies at terminals, relocation and warehousing of cargo at the port, airport or terminal, sorting, weighing, sampling, checking costs, costs of waiting time not due to the forwarder, costs of cargo lifting with required equipment, repackaging and related sorting, preparation of customs documents, customs clearance of cargo, as well as costs and compensations for works and orders that were executed upon customer’s order or for its obvious benefit, but that were not accounted for at the moment of preparing the commercial proposal.


  • Remuneration for services and remuneration for customs guarantee are paid out of the funds connected with performance of forwarding services. The forwarder is entitled to demand payment connected with the order execution in advance.
  • Amounts declared in foreign currency are converted into euro as per the official exchange rate on the date of invoice. If the official exchange rate or the international air freight fare calculation unit is changed, the forwarder costs to be paid in foreign currency are paid as per the exchange rate on the date of invoice independent of the compensation for making payments.
  • The commercial proposal is valid for cargos of regular weight, size and quality, the shape of which is suitable for transportation in vehicles designed for cargos of relevant weight, where their shape and packaging quality allow stacking without damage to other cargos in case of simultaneous transportation.
  • The forwarder is not liable for misunderstanding, errors or damage if the customer fails to provide its order in writing in advance. The documents necessary for customs clearance shall be submitted in advance before cargo arrives to/leaves the country.


The demand for payment against invoice (CAD/COD) shall be provided to the forwarder in writing.


  • If the commercial proposal is not approved within 20 days after its transfer, it becomes null and void for the forwarder, if the forwarder wants to refer to it. When ordering, review and approval shall also be made within the time indicated above.