Corporate policy

Through corporate culture to responsibility in logistics

Our corporate culture is based on comprehensive responsibility and deliberate compliance with regulations. In addition to high-quality services, we appreciate work based on reliable ethical principles.

Values of the corporate policy

We believe that a corporate policy shall be based on company’s values. Being a private company and an innovator in the logistics sector in Finland, Optima Freight has always striven to create and support a responsible corporate policy that embodies our values to the maximum extent.

  • Responsibility: Being a responsible company, we are focused to ensure that our clients enjoy quality services and a reliable partner, our personnel works in a worthy place, and the society gets a tax paying employer.
  • Law are created to be observed: Our activities are regulated with many laws and instructions of regulatory authorities and government, and our deep understanding of them is the reflection of our professionalism.  In doing our job, we also comply with regulations of the Scandinavian Forwarder Union (PSYM 2010), as well as instructions and regulations of specific international bodies.  Being an authorized economic operator for customs (AEOF), Optima Freight is in close cooperation with authorities and regulatory bodies.