Values of Optima Freight

Worthy values make logistics better

Let us introduce the values that are the basis for our corporate activities. We believe in the country of fair traditions, therefore we treat clients, partners and employees complying with strict ethical principles.

The values are the basis of everything

Respectable and ethically stable commercial activities are based on high values.  Being an independent Finnish logistics company, Optima Freight seeks consistent compliance with the basic values and principles:

  • Openness and transparency: The cornerstone for the activities of Optima Freight is openness and transparency. Our activities and processes are well-described and plain. Our commercial proposals and pricing principles are clear and explicit. We are always honest to clients, personnel and partners.
  • Cooperation: We cooperate closely with clients, partners and regulatory authorities. Being an authorized economic operator, we are obliged to comply with safety criteria imposed by the customs bodies, as well as develop safety of the logistics chain together with the customs. Our cooperation is flexible and urgent, we work in finnish, russian and english. We want to be a partner that is easy to work with.
  • Professionalism: We hire trained qualified personnel who will understand the client’s needs and render high-quality services. We continuously work towards control and prevention of risks in various fields of our activities. We always work according to the in-house code of rules and instructions. Our activities are efficient, and our team work is co-ordinated.
  • Continuous development: Optima Freight strives to be different from competitors by providing the complete range of services and making our job in a flexible and high-quality manner which supposes constant development. In our cooperation with clients and partners, we develop services and activities to suit them to clients’ need even better. We always monitor quality and efficiency of costs, and we are open to all development ideas.  We observe sustainable development principles and always strive to decrease our environmental impact.