Air freight

Quick air freight worldwide
When time is money, air freight is the right choice. Using our global partner network, we help organize effective air freight around the globe.

Why is air freight a good choice?

Air freight is a quick and easily adaptable way to deliver cargo to any continent, and it is ideal for urgent parcels.  Being an authorized economic operator (the safety certificate issued by the Customs) and a member of the International Air Transport Association, Optima Freight endeavour to gather a comprehensive partner network around the world, thus guaranteeing the highest level of service possible.

What is suitable for air freight?

We can transport almost everything by air. We also perform multimodal transportation, i.e. combine various formats of transportation. Feel free to ask questions using the feedback form below!

Is air freight suitable for me?

Yes, if you want to deliver the cargo to the destination quickly. We buy air freight services directly from airlines, thus avoiding third parties and saving a lot of money and time.

Why should I choose Optima Freight?

We provide you with the complete set of services including air freight and customs clearance in case of export.

Our special competence is weekly shipping of goods from the Far East together with our partners:

  • Hong Kong/HKG (shipping days Fri, Sat, EXW and FOB)
  • Taipei/TPE (shipping days Fri, Sat, EXW and FOB)
  • Shanghai/PVG (weekly shipping, EXW and FOB)

The delivery time is 2–4 days depending on the supply terms. Please be advised that we do not transport foodstuffs and hazardous substances.