Freight across Europe

High-quality and individually developed solutions for freight across Europe
Fast and competitive freight across Europe is always performed according to the client's need and within the specified time frame. Our broad partner network consisting of the best logistics companies ensures fast and flexible servicing.

High-quality freight across Europe

The European Economic Area, i.e. the whole European Union and European countries that have a separate trading contract with it form the largest united market in the world. Successful work in such a vast economic area assumes functional solutions for freight to let the customer company effectively focus on its main economic activities. There are several reasons why your cargo should be entrusted to Optima Freight:

  • Individual solutions. We can provide for transportation of cargo from Finland to the EU and vice versa always in accordance with individual needs of the client and its schedule.
  • Fast delivery in cooperation. The majority of shipments in the EU are made consolidated in trucks. We organize delivery in cooperation with our partners, the best forwarding companies in their regions.
  • Delivery right on time. Know how your cargo is transported. Deep knowledge of the freight process enables both strict compliance with the delivery schedule and disclosure of the transportation chain to the client if required.