Sea freight

Sound experience in sea freight
Seas have been connecting nations for centuries. We continue this tradition and reliably transport your cargo by sea from one shore to another in a competitive way that is optimal for large cargo.

Why sea freight?

A lion’s share of international freight in Finland is done by sea, and there are many reasons for that. Sea freight is a cost-effective solution, especially for large and heavy cargo transported for long distances.

What options for sea freight do we offer?

We offer both Full Container Load (FCL) and Less than Container Load (LCL) for competitive prices.  Less than Container Load is a perfect solution when your own container is not needed due to a small volume of cargo transported.  Therefore, the client pays only for its share of goods out of the whole container.

The delivery time for LCL cargo is the same as for FCL ones. If the cargo has to be taken or a customs declaration has to be filed at the point of departure, we can offer this service via our partner network.

Brief information about sea freight

  • Cost-effective, especially for long distances
  • Both FCL and LCL are possible
  • We file import and export declarations for you.
  • Our extensive partner network support you during the whole process.
  • Shipments are adjusted according to customer’s needs, for example, door-to-door or port-to-port.