Terminal services

Complete set of services from forwarding to reporting
Cost-effective and comprehensive services for warehousing and handling of cargo at the terminal located in a convenient place and equipped with a modern security system.

Where is our terminal located?

Our terminal with an area of about 1,500 m2 is located at the territory of the Helsinki Vantaa airport. This location was carefully selected for efficient handling of air freight, without forgetting about other formats of transportation.

Ensuring the safety of your cargo

At our terminal, your cargo is under digital surveillance of the CCTV system, thus making it possible for the client to monitor loading of its cargo, if desired.  Each cargo is placed precisely to its location, which is recorded in the register, and the cargo is also assigned an incoming number.  This makes it possible to provide the report about assembly, inventory and remainder of goods to the client in a quick and efficient way.

Various warehousing options

Being a temporary storage warehouse for customs, we can store undeclared goods within 20 days without customs clearance when importing, without paying VAT and customs fees. We can organize storage of goods in our premises for a longer time if required for undeclared goods, therefore the storage time is unlimited.

We serve our clients when needed, even on weekends.

Brief information about services at terminal

  • Cargo inspection
  • Repacking
  • Taking photos
  • Taping
  • Short-term storage
  • We also sell various high-grade packing materials
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