Transportation in the Helsinki region

All assembly and delivery services are through us
If you need reliable and high-quality freight services in the capital region, Optima Freight offers the services you need in a fast and affordable manner.

High-quality shipping in the capital region

Our high level of service is supported by the extensive partner network and good communication, therefore we guarantee the most flexible service experience to our clients. Based on many years of experience we have optimized freight solutions and made them as flexible and effective as possible.

  • Various freight services. We can organize any service relating to assembly and delivery of cargo, from a single letter to consolidated container shipments.
  • Fast and cost-effective. We perform our activities in the capital region every day and we can respond in a fast and cost-effective manner to freight needs of our clients.
  • Comprehensive partner network. Carefully selected partner network ensures high quality and effectiveness in other regions of Finland as well.

Economy through good communication

Do you know that the most common problem in Finnish freight is that shipping companies do not notify the client that the cargo does not comply with the dimensions declared. This causes additional expenses for the client, but this risk can be reduced by good communication:

  • We make our best to clear up whether the actual cargo parameters (weight, volume, dimensions) comply with the declared ones.
  • We ask whether the cargo is ready for shipment to avoid unnecessary trips.
  • Our driver always checks the cargo condition before loading it into the vehicle and immediately informs the client about possible damages.