Value-added services

Logistics solutions add value to the freight chain
Development of logistics profitability is a long-term work. Using value-added services of Optima Freight, your company saves time and money.

What are value-added services in logistics?

In particular, value-added services are cargo packing, servicing and sorting. Because value-added services are out of scope of regular contractual obligations for providing logistics services, we strive to use them to make the client’s activities easier and more efficient.

Typical value-added services in logistics

  • Various physical checks of cargo
  • Taping
  • Protection/packing
  • Various reports, courier service for cargo relocation and sorting
  • Other solutions are also possible. Feel free to ask for additional information!

How can value-added services be useful for your company?

By adding value to the freight chain and increasing their competitiveness. For example, processing or reprocessing of a cargo or its part speeds up the process in general, reduces total costs for logistics and increases transparency. To achieve the most effective result, we recommend you to entrust Optima Freight with the whole logistics chain.